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Boiled pulses (from Monday to Saturday)

Vegetables (boiled, sautéed, or baked)


Cream of vegetable soup

Stuffed aubergine

Baked potatoes

Russian salad

Braised veal

Macaroni Bolognese

Tagliarini carbonara

Pasta with squid and zucchini

Pasta salad

Casseroled noodles

Fideuá (“paella” made with noodles)


Rice with Vegetables

Spanish omelet

Vegetables omelet

Potatoes with salt cod brandade


Chicken thigh with onion

Meatballs (“jardinière”, with mushrooms or cuttlefish)

Breaded pork with cooked ham and cheese / saltimbocca

Breaded chicken with cooked ham with cheese (Cordon Bleu)

Breaded pork rolls with air-dried ham

Veal with mushrooms

Cannelloni “au gratin”

Cod with raisins and pine nuts

Fillets of battered sole

Fillets of baked hake

Grilled cuttlefish

Stuffed squid

In addition, on weekends and public holidays you can get our spit-roasted specialties, such as rabbit (only with pre-order), ribs and pork knuckles, and of course our delicious spit-roasted chicken.

*Not all dishes are available every day. If you are interested in anything in particular, or if you need large quantities, please contact us!

We cook daily to make your life easier and to help you having a healthy diet.

If you have a lunch or dinner with friends, if you're short on time, or simply don’t feel like cooking, do not hesitate to come and take your meal home. If you want something specific or something special, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

In “La Carmanyola” you will find a wide variety of homemade dishes (starters, main dishes, side dishes, desserts...), all prepared with care and in the most natural and traditional way as possible.

We also have drinks, snacks, ice creams and much more...

Check below some of the dishes we cook: